Strategic Communication


Align what's experienced with what's expected

Leaders and employees have expectations of each other. Leaders expect productivity and results. Employees expect working conditions that support their needs. The challenge is understanding employee expectations and what experience satisfies them.

We partner with you to navigate the complex layers of expectations and uncover solutions that match the experience with what's expected. Our comprehensive communication audit and change communication facilitation identify and implement solutions that drive your business velocity.

Comprehensive Communication Audit

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What is my leadership reputation score?

Why does it matter?

How can I strengthen my reputation?

Accomplish Results

We take a strategic approach that assesses your communication climate, identifies focal points and solutions that align the experience with expectations so your business and your employees thrive.

Change Communication


Strategic Change Management Solutions

Change happens; it is constant, and for business to stay relevant, change is imperative. Change isn't what hurts people and business; it's the transition and ineffective communication that do the damage.

Change is situational and transition is psychological. Transition is the emotional process people go through as they move through change and its impact on their lives. When people transition, business is freed from apathy and is able to move forward. Communication that satisfies the emotional needs of employees is key to producing change and movement.

We work with you to assess, develop, and implement strategic change communication plans that strengthen you credibility and increase employee engagement and drive change.

Facilitation Solutions