What is Mediation?

Mediation is a facilitated conflict resolution process that assists the parties through a constructive conversation and negotiation of their issues in order to reach mutually agreeable resolution. 

The mediation is confidential unless the parties agree otherwise. As your Mediator, we are neutral and do not give legal advice or decide the outcome of the dispute.  

In mediation, the parties have control of their outcome and any agreement must be acceptable to all parties of the mediation.

Workplace Conflict Resolution

Conflicts are part of life, it's the unresolved conflicts that block energy flow within an organization and in business relationships. Destructive interaction patterns can cause people to disengage, or even retaliate which causes more damage to your reputation capital.

Valuable energy and resources are saved by replacing destructive communication patterns with constructive ones. Cultivating experiences that grow mutually beneficial actions forward refocuses business results.

We "see" what isn't being said and create the context to say what needs to be said to unlock communication blockages, helping people to work through disagreements and restore dialogue so that employees and the business can thrive.


Mediation and facilitation services are offered in two hour, half-day, and full day sessions. Please contact us to discuss your dispute and fee structure.