Drive Your Business Velocity

People turn to Dietra when they want to move their business forward

Vibrant Business Solutions is a communication strategy firm.  Dietra partners with her clients to help them strengthen their reputation capital through the employee and customer experience. Through over 20 years in corporate leadership and business development roles, Dietra has hands-on experience and a proven track record of facilitating solutions that strengthen reputation and produce results.

Dietra founded Vibrant Business Solutions in 2007 because she saw the devastating impact low trust and apathetic work environments have on business, and the communication behaviors that fuel it. Dietra's great passion is helping business leaders cultivate experiences that establish and sustain trust so both the employees and the business thrive.  Dietra works with her clients to identify and unlock sources of business apathy, and facilitates solutions that free business to move forward.

Vibrant Business Solutions cultivates experiences that grow business through mediation, workplace facilitation, and training services.  Dietra facilitates business results by helping her clients forge strong connections that strengthen reputation and drive business velocity.

Who Dietra Has Worked With:

Oregon Library Association

Leavitt Insurance Group

Oregon Convention Center

Portland General Electric

City of Beaverton

Twisted Locks Salon

TD Consulting Group


WFG National Title

ACI Specialty Benefits (EAP)

National Conflict Resolution Center, Workplace Exchange Training Program

San Diego Superior Court (Mediator)

Multnomah County Circuit Court (Mediator)





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