The Experience

The way people feel about you, interact with you, and experience you.

Creates Stories

How people perceive you frames the stories people tell about you

Influences Reputation

Stories shape your reputation.  What you are known for produces results accordingly.

The experience drives reputation capital.

The cycle continues.

What's your experience?


What are you known for?

Are you known as trustworthy, and for influencing an environment where employees feel safe to speak up, collaborate, and engage?

Leaders cultivate experiences for employees through behaviors and actions that set the tone, ultimately creating the culture.  Intentionally or not, leaders create the context for which they can lead, people can commit to following and working together toward common goal, and all can succeed.

What do you want to be known for?


What are you known for?

Are you known as a dependable trusted advisor who has the client's best interest in mind?  Do you have a high close rate?  What about referrals?

People buy good feelings and solutions to problems.  Perceived credibility and competence drive prospect decisions to buy, what they say about you to others, and their decision to buy from you again.

What do you want to be known for?

Do your results match the experience?

Get the stories you want: Start with the experience.

Dietra helps business leaders and sales professionals shape the experience to get the stories that drive desired results.  She facilitates results by helping her clients identify their leader or sales brand, and implement strategies that cultivate experiences that strengthen their reputation capital.

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